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The cost of monthly service is negotiated between the parties, on the basis of the estimated offer, taking into account the information received from the customer.

The proposed fee is based on the list, which does not constitute an offer in the meaning of art. 66 Civil Code, including average prices and may be the basis for proposing a monthly flat fee for accounting services.

The proposed fee depends on characteristic of the business, company’s turnover, evaluation of tax risk, diversity of tax issues, redundancy of economic events, business partners, way of keeping documentation, etc.

Forms of contact with the office

  • Traditional - The customer brings the source documents themselves to the office;
  • Comfortable – receipt of documents at the client’s office throughout Warsaw (free);
  • Innovative - delivering documents in an electronic form;
  • Service at the Client - secondment of our employee to the customer’s office
  • Accounts, statements, tax declarations, social security contributions, - sending via Internet
  • Possible mail consultation with a tax advisor every day 7-18.

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