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High Ceredibility

Api Accounting Office was established in 1992 in Warsaw.
The company runs certified tax adviser Jolanta Czerska - entry on the list of advisors No. 00647, Ministry of Finance Certificate No .: 6179/92. Liability insurance in TUiR Warta SA

Professional services

We offer a full range of accounting services, tax advice, payroll, social insurance, OHS. Office shall keep accounts of natural persons, companies, including companies with foreign capital, partnerships, corporate partnerships and non-governmental organizations
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We solve each problem

API Tax and Accounting Office in Warsaw (Centre) successfully solves all the issues related to: intra-community acquisition of goods ,intra-community supply of goods, export and import of services, copyrights, real estate, manufacturing, retail, online shops.
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Business support

We provide wide business support. We collaborate with experts in the field of establishing, transformation and restructuring of companies. We offer support in many aspects of business management.
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Broad competence

The team has high professional qualifications and experience in the field of accounting services, including companies with foreign capital.

E- solutions

Our tax and accounting office successfully uses the new electronic technologies - for the organization of work, quality control, communication with the clients and the flow of documents.


API Tax and Accounting Office in Warsaw provides high-quality services, while maintaining an acceptable level of prices.

biuro księgowe, biuro rachunkowe, doradztwo podatkowe,kancelaria księgowo-podatkowa Warszawa
Pełny zakres usług księgowych, doradztwo podatkowe, płace, kadry, ZUS, BHP.  Biuro prowadzi rachunkowość osób fizycznych, spółek kapitałowych, w tym spółek z kapitałem zagranicznym, spółek korporacyjnych, komandytowych oraz organizacji pozarządowych

About us

APi Office exists on the market since 1992. Its seat is located in the Central district. Current convenient location - near The Warsaw University of Technology, at the underground station (Metro Politechnika), at Nowowiejska Str. 6 - operates from the year 2002.

Our office operates throughout Warsaw, to meet our customers' expectations . Just contact the office and we call you back to arrange a meeting.

Why the name 'API'?

API (Application Programming Interface) - in computer programming it is an interface, a set of rules and descriptions needed for the smooth operation of the program and communicate with other programs.

API Office is a professional accounting and tax office with the crucial knowledge of all rules and principles of tax law, finance law and accounting, essential for the smooth functioning of the company and efficient communication with revenue agency and other authorities.

Our fundamental purpose, in addition to ensuring a professional accounting services, is also to help find professional, reliable service providers in the areas of management, administration, organization, personnel management, and other processes in business.

We offer our customers a cooperation with reliable, proven partners.

Customer satisfaction in the case of cooperation with the proposed business partners gives us an important indicator of the success of our company.

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